A Portuguese table with Pinhais tinned sardines

A Portuguese table with Pinhais tinned sardines

A true Portuguese table goes well beyond snacks, drinking and good food. Affection and laughter sit together with the family for hours at a time, sharing not only a delicious meal but most of all good moments and plenty of stories.



The versatility of tinned sardines

Be it as a starter or a snack, sardines are a standing tradition and are always found at a Portuguese table, especially in the summer, both at friend’s get-togethers or family reunions.

The versatility of our preserves allows for a whole world of gastronomical possibilities like homemade sardine paté or straight out of the tin as appetizers or as a main course in simple and tasty recipes.

Every Friday at lunch Dr. António Pinhal, as his father Mr. António Pinhal did before him, has sardines in olive oil or spiced straight from the tin, with a lettuce salad and 3 boiled potatoes. A fine example of the sardine’s tradition.

All over the world people are influenced by the flavors, scents and creative presentation of our fish and we have even inspired haute cuisine when a two Michelin Stars Portuguese chef created a wonderful sardine lasagna.



The ingredients in our recipes

Why do our sardine recipes come out so wonderful both in simple snacks and elaborate dishes? It’s not just one secret, but two: the quality of the ingredients and the love that we place in every single tin of handmade Pinhais or Nuri preserves. In each tin we fit the best fish – our world-acclaimed Portuguese sardine- the freshest vegetables like carrot, chilies and tomatoes, laurel, cloves and the finest quality 100% refined olive oil. Dona Emilia’s secret tomato sauce recipe will amaze you!

Either as appetizer or main course, sardines feed both body and soul and are meant to be shared with friends and family. Pinhais preserves are prepared with all the love and devotion from our family to your table be it Portuguese or anywhere else in the world!

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